Become a Climate Hero

ClimateHero Park — The world’s first Modular Vertical Property Farm

Urban, suburban and rural strategies are combined in unique ways that will ultimately lead to a new paradigm for sustainable living.

Each farm unit features combinations of homes, greenhouses and public buildings with interconnected vertical farms interwoven with everyday living. Every unit is effectively self-contained, able to thrive off the grid without polluting or depending on outside resources.

Various housing types are offered, each with adaptable modularity designed around seasonal energy savings and human comfort factors. The technology already exists, it’s just a matter of applying science with the architecture of everyday life.

Unlike other Utopian schemes, however, a great deal of design, science, engineering, and money is invested into making these work. The housing and community layouts reflect new urbanist sensibilities (such as walkability and density) as well as ruralist traditions (agriculture and access to nature).

The time has come to redefine residential real-estate development in order to make room for the next three billion people born to our planet.