Building Your Tiny House

ClimateHero Park supports the global and innovative community of tiny house DIYers.

 A: All-access to our shared workshop space
This includes access to our tool shed as well as standard hardware. Our restroom facilities will help with wash up and ease during those long build days. Our site is secured and monitored, so you can feel confident that your home is safe 24/7.

B: Your own build spot within the Park
This spot will be all yours – you will not be asked to move anytime during your build as long as your membership stays current, allowing peace of mind from having a neighbor or landlord tell you to move your half-built home elsewhere.

C: Support from other Members
The co-build experience is a unique experience that will help you stay inspired and keep on track with your build goals. If you need a few hands to hold up something heavy, they’ll be there for you. You will gain from the shared knowledge and experience and learn from the homes being built around you which will help you build a better home.

Countless Tiny House builders rave about how helpful the co-building members and other tiny house enthusiasts are in terms of sharing skills, labor, advice, and tips. Building your tiny home is both fun and efficient with the benefit of the Tiny House community spirit.

Added Benefits of Membership

  • If you plan on needing a few extra hands during a specific day of work, you can post a need for trained volunteers on ClimateHeroPark. Others can then sign up for the shift you’ve created, and you will see if you have enough help before the day begins.
  • Ability to safely store your materials, as well as access to our free supply of donated and salvaged high-quality build materials.
  • We share the latest technology and material parts information so that your tiny house can have more comfort at a lower cost.

Lastly, we are currently co-organizing a pop-up tiny hotel project for the tourist season. Which means all tiny house owners can rent or lease out their tiny house for overnight, weekly or monthly tourists. With this concept of sharing your tiny house, it allows owners to take advantage of the sharing community platform (like Airbnb and Uber). Tiny house owners will get to make money and feel great about allowing visitors to get the “tiny house” experience at the same time.

By forming a shared economic development model and platform Tiny House Owners will be instrumental in shaping the sharing community and creating a sustainable Tiny House ownership experience.